Kristy (xsun_after_rain) wrote in pixie_x_cuties,

Sex: Female
Location: Pennsylvaina

Color: Orange
Movie: Singing in the rain, Footloose, Grease, Save the last dance, A walk to Remember, Shrek, Harry Potter
Band/Singer: Oh lord. The Early November, B-52's, The Ataris, Taking back sunday, Kelly Clarkson, Ashlee simpson(some songs), NFG, yeah i dont wanna put
Song: Iris by Goo Goo Dolls.
Food: Sloppy Joe's
Store: Um....Pacific Sunwear
Holiday: Oh my gahhh.

Tell me one of your fears if any: Dieing with no accomplishments
What is one of your pet peeves: Pop-us
Do you have an idol and if so who and why: My sister, shes a wonderful person and i love her to peices
Why do you think your cute: Because i get a lot of complements from people telling me i am cute. Ahem?

.:What do you think about:.
Britney Spears: Ill give her this...she's a good dancer.
The color PINK: There is no color Prettier.
Avril Lavigne: She's getting better, and i like her newest song somwhat, so yes. lol

If you were at a mall, and a person told you that you were wearing an ugly shirt, what would you do/say?
I'd say, thank you.. and then stalk them.
If you were in school walking down the hall and someone tripped you, what would you do/say? Id say thank you for tripping me you looser.

*Dont have to answer if you dont wanna*
If your older brother told all of his friends that you only like baked beans because they make you fart, what would you do/say?  hahahaha my brother has because hes stupid. (said that) but he didnt spread it around or nething. id tell them that he.. um.. doe
s something else.. id have to make it up or something hahahahahah

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