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Name: Krista
Nicknames: Kiki, Kriss
Sex: Female
Age: 15
Location: Warren, Mi 

Color: Pink and Black
Movie: A walk to remember
Band/Singer: wayy to many to name
Song: Nelly- My place, Vindicated- Dashboard confessional etc.
Food: Salad and anything chocolate
Store: American Eagle, Target, and Pac Sun
Holiday: Valentines Day

Tell me one of your fears if any: Being hurt, the dark, and spiders
What is one of your pet peeves: When people mock me
Do you have an idol and if so who and why:  Nope
Why do you think your cute: I have a cute laugh (so im told) and chubby cheeks..hehe

.:What do you think about:.
Britney Spears: Shes pretty
The color PINK: there is no color prettier
Avril Lavigne: Shes a good singer

Where did you promote: ??

If you were at a mall, and a person told you that you were wearing an ugly shirt, what would you do/say? id tell them thanks and keep walking
If you were in school walking down the hall and someone tripped you, what would you do/say? id laugh and then be like wtf lol

*Dont have to answer if you dont wanna* (kind of and inside joke)
If your older brother told all of his friends that you only like baked beans because they make you fart, what would you do/say?

Give me atleast 2 pics showing your face clearly. You can add more but atleast 2 have to be clear!




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