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Name: ashley
Nicknames: ash, ashole, ash•o•lee
Sex: female
Age: 16
Location: southwest florida
Describe yourself in less than 5 words: stubborn, sarcastic, loud, out-going

Color: hot pink and baby blue
Movie: pirates of the caribbean and grease
Quote: love doesnt make the world go round, it just makes the trip worthwhile
Band/Singer: linkin park, x-tina
Song: dont really have a single specific one
Lyrics: everytime i try to fly i fall, without my wings, i feel so small, i guess i need you baby
Food: sushi & anything italian
Store: aeropastale, target, dillards
Item of Clothing: sports bra and cheerleading or basketball shorts
Holiday: halloween

Tell me one of your fears if any: spiders
What is one of your pet peeves: people who try to be someone they're not aka fakes
Do you have an idol and if so who and why: my aunt. b/c thru-out 4 years of high school she was in a body cast b/c of her scoliosis, she was married for 14 years and was divorced, but remarried 2 years later. shes a very strong woman and i look up to her a lot.
Why do you think your cute: i have blonde hair and glasses
Name something you cannot live without: some paper and a pen
If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go and why: australia b/c i've never been there and i've heard the beaches are to die for
What do you think the word cute means: being not too hot or not to sexy, just right, someone you want to squeeze b/c their looks are so charming
Do you think it is better to have a good personality or good looks: i think both apply, looks and personality both make up the person, you cant be just looks or just personality, then you'd be boring
Do you have a best friend and if so what makes them so special: i do, and she is the coolest person ever, we get along so incredibly well and no matter what, we always have fun and make the stupidest stuff hysterical, but most of all, we're so much alike and just love each other to death!

.:What do you think about:.
Britney Spears: shes an inspiration. her songs, her looks, shes just grown so much and i love everything shes done
The color PINK: there is no color prettier
Avril Lavigne: i cant stand her. she claims shes some punk-rocker and all she sings is pop. i think she tries too hard to be bad/cool
Ashlee Simpson: absolutely love her. her voice is beautiful and so is she. i love watching her show on mtv too
Jessica Simpson: shes so ditzy. i mean i really like her, but shes just so dumb, it amazes me sometimes with the things she says, i crack up
Popularity: its annoying. especially since the popular kids at my school are all potheads and go out every weekend to get drunk and high, what a waste
Eating Disorders: its sad that young people hafto put themselves thru that. all b/c they arent happy with how they look and want to be skinny. being skinny is not the greatest thing in the world, take it from me
Hilary Duff: she seems sort of teenie-bopper to me, but i guess thats ok. shes gorgeous and i loved her in cinderella story

Where did you promote:


If you were at a mall, and a person told you that you were wearing an ugly shirt, what would you do/say? i'd say "thanx. hey look your shoes untied." and walk away
If you were in school walking down the hall and someone tripped you, what would you do/say? [depends if a friend did it, if so...] i'd laugh it off, get up, and slap them across the back

Make me laugh somehow. Either by showing me a pic or telling me a story.

http://www.funnyjunk.com/pages/cat/html <-- click that

Give me atleast 2 pics and no more than 8 THAT ARE CLEAR!

^im in the middle
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