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Tink is soo cute! :D

Name: Stephanie
Nicknames: Steph
Sex: female
Age: 14
Location: Naperville, Illinois
Describe yourself in less than 5 words: fun, helpful, funny, nice, outgoing.

Color: pink. seriously it is.
Movie: stepmom, wedding singer or oldschool.
Quote: clap your hands. hear the applause. My heart is broken, and your its cause. You've played your game. And you've won. CONGRATULATIONS! i hope you had fun...
Band/Singer: the postal service, brand new, mates of state, ashlee simpson, and coheed and cambria.
Song: whisky lullaby, magazines, head on collision, the district sleeps alone tonight, and our lips are sealed - go go's!
Lyrics: girl come to me. the only broken hearted loser, you'll ever need.    and     here. here I am again. and i'm staring at these same four walls. alone again...
Food: speghetti, funnel cakes, sour patch kids, and milkshakes.
Store: i wear a lot of my sisters clothes, and sometimes i buy my own. but if I want to look cute I go to hollister.
Item of Clothing: lol umm...hooded sweaters. I love them.
Holiday: Christmas

Tell me one of your fears if any: loosing my best friends, or having someone really close to me die when i'm not ready yet.
What is one of your pet peeves: when people start telling you something and then stop like. "OH MY GOSH!!! GUESS WHAT SO AND SO SAID?!?! oh no wait, i can't tell you. nvm" ahh bug me.
Do you have an idol and if so who and why:  my older sister. she doesn't drink, smoke, do drugs, and is very involved and just a nice person. i hope i can do as well as she does.
Why do you think your cute: i am very outgoing. i think i have a good personality, and i'm a fun person. Most people say they like my smile, and I guess I do too.
Name something you cannot live without: going to michigan, my dog, or my best friends.
If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go and why: I would probably go to the bahamas or the caribean. i know its not big, but i'm a big tropical person like that.
What do you think the word cute means: I think it means you are somewhat pretty, but you also have to have the right attitude. You have to have a nice/good personality to be considered cute.
Do you think it is better to have a good personality or good looks: good personality. like I said above, its nice to have good looks, but if you don't have the right attitude or are nice, you really don't deserve to be cute.
Do you have a best friend and if so what makes them so special: I actually have 2 sets of twins. Both are my best friends. They are a lot like me. They like to usually do what I do, scrapbook, and understand me. They always know where im coming from, exactly how im feeling, and how to comfort me, and i love them for that.

.:What do you think about:.
Britney Spears: i think shes pretty. I don't like that she smoked though.
The color PINK: there is no color cuter!! :D
Avril Lavigne: i think shes a pretty person, and if you listen to what she has to say also, shes really nice.
Ashlee Simpson: i think shes pretty. im really into her music right now. her voice can sometimes be off, but i think her lyrics are great and really moving.
Jessica Simpson: GORGEOUS!
Popularity: i don't like using the word "popular" everyone has their own circle of friends, and your what you are in your own group. And you shouldn't think people are better than you, you should think highly of youself. Even though sometimes I use the word in a few of my converstations.
Eating Disorders: I can see where people come from when thinking of having an eating disorder, but I don't believe that its truly ok and i would never go on something like that.
Hilary Duff: really pretty!

Where did you promote: monday_monday_  and sick_of_trying_

If you were at a mall, and a person told you that you were wearing an ugly shirt, what would you do/say? i sould say "whatever, I like it and probably giving a weird face"
If you were in school walking down the hall and someone tripped you, what would you do/say?
excuse me! what the heck? lol i don't know.
Make me laugh somehow. Either by showing me a pic or telling me a story: story - i was in michigan, and the owners of this house we were staying at said "dont sit on the bench" (cuz there was a bench outside my room) so me and my friends were all hangging outside. and one of my friends stood on it! and i said, YOU CANT BE ON THE BENCH! and he said why? and i said that I didn't know but I wasn't soppose to.

Well just then. the bench broke, and inside was like a  mini bee's nest. and out flew like 20 bees and attacked my friend. and we were laughing for like 20 minutes. and he had 11 bee stings after it was all over. LMAO

Give me atleast 2 pics and no more than 8 THAT ARE CLEAR!

me. yeah i was sad/mad one day...

the guy I like, Ian, and me :) (i just took my hair out of those braids)

i'm the ones in the blue. i know this isn't the best pic of me but I was really happy and i love it.

this one always ends up blurry but i ts me and my  two best friends ( one of the sets), i'm in the middle.

the left. me and my friend got wet and that was before I got my haircut.

and thats all! THANKKK YOU!!!!!!:D

~ * S t E p H * ~

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