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Name:Chelsea nicole
Location: virginia beach, Va
Describe yourself in less than 5 words: entergetic,fun,smart, talented,special

Movie:super troopers/club dread
Quote:Trying to forget someone you love is like trying to forget someone you've never met
Band/Singer:beastie boys, modest mouse, franz ferdinand, new found glory, cohedd and cambria, yellowcard
Song:take me out-franz ferdinand, only  one-yellowcard, down-blink 182
Lyrics:you were everything everything that i wanted, we were meant to be supposed to be but we lost, all of our memories so close to me just fade away, all this time you were pretending so much for my happy ending-avril lavigne
Food: mac&cheese, cheese pizza, anything with cheese i <3 it
Store: pac sun, a&f, hollister, american eagle
Item of Clothing: hoodies, i must have like 20 of them
Holiday:halloween i like to dress up and we get lots of CANDY yay!

Tell me one of your fears if any:sharks, cause i surf im always afraid of that
What is one of your pet peeves: after someone vacums and someone walks across the floor and leaves footprints omg i hate that
Do you have an idol and if so who and why: orlando bloom, hes my favorite actor, hes not stuck up and hes independent, he doesnt care about being famous he just likes to act and i admire him for that
Why do you think your cute:not to sound stuck up, people tell me im cute, i like my blonde hair and my blue eyes and my teeth, i just got my braces off and all i do is smile
Name something you cannot live without: a toothbrush, i hate having nasty teeth or badbreath that would be bad
If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go and why:austrialla, just to  see kangaroos ive always wanted to
What do you think the word cute means: attractive or pretty especially in a dainty or delicate way 
Do you think it is better to have a good personality or good looks:personality, because looks might not get you everything you can be pretty and still be a bitch but you can be ugly and be the nicest person in the world i think personality means more, its who you are, looks should not cause people to judge who you are
Do you have a best friend and if so what makes them so special: we would do anything for eachother, we alike in so many ways its scary, and i share everything with her, were always together you can part us! 

.:What do you think about:.
Britney Spears: i love her, shes very pretty, shes one of the most talented  girl singers, i love how she dresses, i just love her
The color PINK:there is no color prettier
Avril Lavigne:i like her also, shes different and i like her music, i like how shes different and not following everybody else she has her own style
Ashlee Simpson:same with ashlee i like her alot better then jessica, she doesnt care about the money or being famous, she cares about being happy, and her music
Jessica Simpson:i dont care for her music very much but she is very pretty and so is her husband(lol)
Popularity:i honestly think everybody should be treated the same, i wanst the most popular girls but with my attitude thats why i had alot of friends
Eating Disorders: dotn think its right, people should try to lose weight the hard way then throw up, unless they cant help it
Hilary Duff: i like her better as a singer because i really dont think she can act that well, shes cute and i like how she dresses

Where did you promote:

If you were at a mall, and a person told you that you were wearing an ugly shirt, what would you do/say?um think one you want, its your own opinion, and walk away
If you were in school walking down the hall and someone tripped you, what would you do/say?i would probably laugh and act like it was a joke

Make me laugh somehow. Either by showing me a pic or telling me a story  how about a joke lol

haha Q:what did one lesbian frog say to the other.

A:wow we really do taste like chicken


Give me atleast 2 pics and no more than 8 THAT ARE CLEAR!


^me and my best friend^

^my smile^

and im done lol

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